Finally there

Before leaving the airport and Gothenburg


So, now I have arrived and settled in, except for the exhausting 5 and a half hour that I spent getting here with the plane and the train and the tube and the tube and the train and the taxi, everything feels rather awesome. There is about a one minute walk to get to the the office from our great host family, who by the way makes a great chili and is phenomenal overall (at least this far).

I have never before been as involved in a football game as was today nor have I ever before actually went out to sports pub to watch one. When England and Sweden encounters one another in a game such as the one tonight some how one just got to be apart of it especially if you happen to be a swede in England or the other way around.

I think that even if there will be a lot of work this summer it will all end up fine.

Take care and enjoy the summer. Love Ann