Hastings by night, morning, day oh, I don’t know.

Our office building.


So 10 days in I have yet to over sleep or fall on my face. There is a lot of work to be done however we’ve gotten a lot done aswell. I’m not yet sleep deprived which means that I’m planning my time in a somewhat healthy way. What I find quite intriguing is that even if there are some things that go wrong or that mistakes are made I’m still having fun. This must be the absolutely best training for my autumn that I could possibly have.

Ive spent quite a lot of time in the office, some days its hard to keep track of whether it’s a week day or aweekend other days its hard to keep track of time. An hour can seem to pass by in seconds or be as long as a week in itself. And yes I’ve been pulling some unhealthy hours however not every day and just when I really need to get things done.

It does happen that I walk past the estate agents and have a look in the window, that’s usually when the wind catches my hair and try to push and drag me somewhere else and I smile and miss the deep forests back home.My collegues are great and we have a lot of fun in the office. There are jokes made that should never be heard outside these walls.

I do miss home, more than I ever could have imagined and much less than I thought. I don’t really miss my apartment or Gothenburg but I do miss home. Or at least I do miss what’s home to me. I miss Circus Titan and I miss my Charlotte.

Don’t forget to have a laugh, I never do. Love Ann