Monthly Archive: July, 2012

Circus Princess

In ten days I’ leaving for Sweden. I’ll be back home and everything will be back to normal, right? Wrong. When I come back home all I really know for sure is that… Continue reading

Female beauty

Back again with some female beauty. It’s not that I’m bored at the moment, no not at all. However here’s some beauty for you.     Yes, I am counting the days until… Continue reading


This is also me^^ Rather fun to be working with the black and white spectra. This is more my element and I’m starting to figure this out.


So this is one of my closest friends he doesn’t really know about this one just yet… Orange is his favorite colour that is the reason for the background and the shapes, plenty… Continue reading


Clown in Art Rage I did this one with the oil brush tool. Not really used to working with oil not virtual and not in reality. I quite like her dreaming eyes otherwise… Continue reading

Pirate Day

So yesterday was Pirate Day here in Hastings… I was really fun and we broke the world record!  Most pirates in one place, we ended up beating the old record with 6000 pirates,… Continue reading


This is me   This is my first real attempt at a self-portrait in a real long while. It’s also my first real attempt at working completely digital, in general I make a… Continue reading

More than Half way

So today is the 17th of July and its less than a month left of work in Hastings. Its the 33rd day on location and there is only 25 days left before I… Continue reading

First Departure

The first group has left Hastings now. It felt strange, some kind of mixture between relief and emptiness with a touch of sadness. These kids have been here for three weeks and in… Continue reading


There is always an oppotunity around the corner, an adventure to expreience, big or small as it might be. The other day when we were waiting for the students taxis there was this… Continue reading