Monthly Archive: August, 2012

Portfolio Challenge

A good friend of mine tiped me aboutr something awesome. Sophy, who herself is an amazing artist, blogged about this portfolio challenge she came across (you can find her post here). ┬áThe Portfolio… Continue reading


Sorry about that earlier post I wasn’t quite finnished and was trying to do this via my phone… go technology… So… I’m really getting sick f all these love movies and the image… Continue reading

Choice continued

My last post was bout choices so today I thought that I might write something about the reason for the choices we make. This is of course different from person to person and… Continue reading


Our whole lives are made up by choices. You chose what direction you take in your life. This all sound very good and ideal, however it’s not as simple as it seems. In… Continue reading

Some days

Some days I feel like crawling under a rock and hide till it ends… I don’t really feel like that today but I did yesterday and this is the product of that feeling.… Continue reading

Trying something new

I had some time to pass… Using some photographs as references I felt like creating something more in the direction of comics… And since I really miss my friends shows I made this… Continue reading


Since it is almost time for me to leave Hastings and I strongly hope that nothing will happen to me the few day I have left, I thought it might be fun to… Continue reading


It’s good that I’m going home soon not so much because I haven’t had alot of fun or learned tons during the months here in Hastings. More due to the dreams I’ve had… Continue reading