Since it is almost time for me to leave Hastings and I strongly hope that nothing will happen to me the few day I have left, I thought it might be fun to make a list of accidents and injuries from this summer.

I do have a tendency to fall down and acquire bruises of which the origin is uncertain ,however this summer I think I have  only had five or six bruises, none of them big or in a strange place.

Injuries chronologically and with a bit of context:

The third week of our stay we had been out and bought some second breakfast and coffee from the lovely café Corner Coffee Shop (which I will miss tremendously, they know exactly how I like my coffee), my colleagues went up to the office and I stayed behind to finnish my cigaret. To bring with me up afterwards I had two large take away cups of steaming hot coffee. I finished my cigaret and grabbed the two cups, there is a short stair case up yo the outer door of our office which I then began to climb. I was wearing one of my baggier pair of pants and of course i trip. falling forward with two cups of coffee (which I managed to save almost all of the content in) in a stair case is nothing I recommend. I landed on one of my knees and on the side of my opposite elbow. with blood drizzling down my leg I bravely got up to the office and enjoyed my coffee.

A week later we all had less office bound work and decided to do what work we had on the beach. We enjoyed the sun, it was the first day with really good weather we had since we got here. The sun was shining and there was a slight breeze so I didn’t feel the strength of the sun. of course I got sunburnt. Which really is not that bad,however it’s funny to be peeling from the middle of the calves to middle of the thighs, just to be peeling in the hollow of the knee is really weird.

the sixth week I was struck down by conjunctivitis. It hit with a force that blinded me. I actually had a hard time seeing for a couple of days since my eye got so sensitive to light, it was hard to open it up properly. Now I had my first chance to visit the walk in health centre. they were extremely efficient and pleasant, thank the gods (I really don’t like doctors). My colleague (who accompanied me) were laughing at me during the visit since they checked my cornea for scratches with a yellow dye and it ended up everywhere on my face.

Finally when I beat that damn conjunctivitis something else happened to me. we were seeing one of our colleagues off since she left the third of august. we went out had a nice dinner and a few drinks. It was a wonderful evening full of fun, great food (if you’re ever in Hastings you need to try out Black Markets persian menu, it’s fantastic), dancing and friends. we went back home around one am and there had been a street party during the evening. Now at these kind of festivities everyone is very good at seeing to that there is enough garbage bags around for all the garbage, it’s just that some people don’t seem to care enough to use them. when we were about two or three minutes from our doorstep I felt that I stepped on something and that this something hit me over the upper part of my foot. I shrugged and kept on walking thinking to myself that I’ll have a look at it when we get home. after a few steppes I felt that my shoe was wet and made that goshy sound that shoes does when wet so I looked down and realised that my shoe was filled with blood and that I had stepped on a piece of glass. Still keeping my cool I think “well it can’t be that bad I’ll just clean it up and put a patch on it at home”. when the door opens and the light hit my foot I see all the blood, quickly in to the bathroom to clean it up. Since I couldn’t get it to stop bleeding and there was blood everywhere we decided that I needed to go to the hospital. We went in a taxi and had again quick and efficient help. we spent a total of about two hours getting to the hospital having me examined and patched up and going back. I had the best nurse ever. Now I have two stitches that wont come out until I’m back in Sweden and a teddy because I was so brave.

Right now it feels like I’ve had some bad luck this summer but then I just think about my life and realise that this happens a lot… maybe not as bad as the stitches, but that is to compensate for the lack of bruises ^^. I’m very glad that I have a couple of good stories to tell when I get back though.

don’t throw glass in the street

Have a fantastic day everyone. Love Ann