Our whole lives are made up by choices. You chose what direction you take in your life.

This all sound very good and ideal, however it’s not as simple as it seems. In every two forked choice that we are presented with there are three different choices that you can make. You can choose option a or b, or you can choose not to chose, which is also a choice. I know it sound complicated but it gets worse. Sometimes choices are simple, it is oblivious what choice has a good outcome for you and what choice does not, so you choose the option which will not bring down hell upon you. Other times it is not as clear which option is the best one and you make the decision based on the information you got, sometimes everything works out, other times the shit hits the fan big time.
The worst choices to make are the ones which seem simple, the ones where you put rational thinking against emotional, brain versus heart if you may. This is where it really gets hard and where you are most probable to choose not to make the choice. Or you willingly choose the bad path even though you know it’s not healthy for you, just because your heart’s in it. We have all been there, thinking: This is a bad choice it hasn’t worked the last couple of times I was faced with this choice and chose this option. This other option is really what I deserve, but it is a really painful choice… I think I’ll try the first choice again this time it might work.
I know I continually make this mistake, out of many different reasons and in different situations. Often in fear of change or because I really don’t think I deserve better. So choices are a handfull and we are faced with them everyday. Each choice affects the next and all we really can do is make the best out of it and make as well informed choices as we can and of course see to it that we MAKE the choice and don’t leave it up to someone else.