Sorry about that earlier post I wasn’t quite finnished and was trying to do this via my phone… go technology…
I’m really getting sick f all these love movies and the image of love conveyed through books. All of these images we get from others of what love is supposed to be is so far from the truth. sure it’s a nice dream to think of however we are fed these lies from an early age and we are never really told differently. Most of us are looking for that dramatic breathtaking love that sweeps us off our feet and are so occupied by that, that when we are standing face to face with it we don’t even recognize it. And when we find love and it does sweep it off our feet we are generally so broken down by all the disappointments we’ve suffered through due to the off picture of love that we have that we instantly start looking for something wrong, like it’s to good to be true.

Love is special and it’s different every time and between different individuals. there is no such thing as fairytale love at least not the way it’s described and pictured in stories. I do however believe in breathtaking love and I belive in romance, I just belive that it cannot be forced into a certain mold just as people can’t be pressed into them. I suppose you just have to give it time and trust your heart (at least to a certain degree, sometimes you do need to listen to your mind).
I can honestly say that love frightens me, a lot, and that I doubt that will change anytime soon, however maybe some day ^^
And then there are all the other aspects of love that I really wasn’t bothered with in this post, parental love, friendship, siblings, you name it, but that’s a whole other post and I should really get to sleep now.
Sleep tight
Love Ann