Giving up

To give up on something is a rather scary business. However sometimes you have to make the choice to give up on something to make room for something else in your life. Even if it’s scary it doesn’t have to mean that giving up is necessarily something bad or even painful. It’s uncomfortable to clean out something that you’ve been giving your all to make room for something different or just to make a decent amount of space for yourself and your ambitions. You could really see giving up, in this aspect, as cleaning out old clothes that just doesn’t fit anymore.

Giving up has so many bad connotations and sure sometimes it’s painful other times it just feels right. Giving up on something is not the same as just giving up. You should never give up because you never know what amazing opportunities awaits around the next corner of life. As I’ve mentioned in an earlier post, it’s all about choices and making the best one for yourself and those you care about.

In general it’s not really an active choice to give up on something, you either grow out of it or it just dissipates. When you have to make the choice it gets harder because there are memories and you still have a vision for it. Even if you still feel very strongly about your something, you can see how it will never work and that’s when you either let it go or keep going. Giving it up can open up possibilities, however I know that I feel scared because to give up has to me always equaled failure. Somehow I’ve decided to choose to look at things differently, like throwing out crafting material that I know I wont use to make room for a fantastic fabric that I will make a dress out of. It hurts to throw those things away because I had plans for it and out of it many good thing have come, however sometimes you just have to move on.

And with this here is my third Portfolio challenge illustration.

Tombstone Sketch

First the sketch and then the  finished one.


Don’t be scared, let go and meet new opportunities.

Love Ann