When I was a child I wished as many to fit in, it was all I really wanted. As I grew older and became a teenager I wanted more than anything to wake up one day and be beautiful. I believed life would be simpler, if I was one in the crowd or if i was pretty. I stopped wanting to fit in many years ago, since I found that it can be so much more fun to be different even if it is hard at times. However it’s not that long ago that i stopped wishing for beauty, which is rather interesting since I really do believe that  beauty comes from within and experience how people grow more or less beautiful to me depending on who they are. I still have days when I can’t stand looking myself in the mirror, but I no longer wish to look any other way than I do.


So I no longer long for beauty or to fit in, what are my hopes and dreams now? Well, I could go in to specifics but that would probably bore you. There is just one thing I really want now and it comes in so many different packages. I love the promise of possibilities, how a path seems to lead right to the goal but never does, at least not the way it was expected to. I hope for adventures, all kinds, big, small, easy, hard, heartbreaking or a laughing matter. I dream of taking a huge leap of faith and not knowing where it will end only that it will not be where I expected.


I’m in a great place in my life for adventures, but then again we all are. No one ever grows out of adventures the just become different. Love is an adventure and so is a small thing such as moving away from home. For a jet setter a travel to a nearby country might not be an adventure at all but for someone who’ve never left their homeland it is. Due to who we are and what we do adventures differ. It’s not such a hard thing to take that leap if you have a good support system. A family that stands by you or friends that will go on your adventure with you.


Your life is your adventure, don’t miss out on it.