Dreams and Turbulence

The reason I havent posted in quite a while is that there has been a lot going on both professionally and personally.

Professionally I have had a dream come true with the help of two of my colleagues and good friends. I will soon be a published illustrator, we signed a contract a few days ago for their incredible urban fantasy comedy Benjamin, which holds my illustrations. My best friend and I also signed a contract for a children’s book and with several great ideas on the move it looks like it’s going to be yet another magical year. I’m also working super hard to get our contemporary circus show TIVILO on tour and are probably working around 10 – 12 hours a day. So I’m exhausted, there is so much work going into it and I’ve realised that I don’t know how to handle spare time anymore.

Benjamin Logo

In a way it’s good that I don’t have too much spare time.

Personally it has been a turbulent couple of months and that’s a big reason to why I havent posted. If I’m going to write anything I want it to be honest. These last months I have hardly even been able to be honest to myself let alone tell anyone else whats happening with me. This is a time of change for me and I’m so very tired. I am struggling with issues I thought I had settled about seven years ago. On top of it all I am aware of that I havent been the most pleasant person to be around for a while. You see at the moment I am carrying a constant doubt, a doubt of everything I am or maybe if I am all I believe.

I’m struggling and I am overjoyed one second and heartbroken the next, you know it takes a lot out of me. All will be great in the end, it always is. It’s all about letting yourself reach the joy and alow yourself to be happy.

Live life even if it’s rough on you there is always some love hidden in there.

Love Ann