The Hunt

So I overheard two guys on the tram the other day. They were talking about the hunt. Specifically how utterly uninteresting women become if they actually show that they are interested. Honestly it pissed me off, which isn’t that weird since I just can’t stand that awful game.

I get that some people enjoy the hunt, women and men alike, being the hunter or the prey which ever suits you best. Really I do get it, even if that’s not my thing. I’m more for mutual and honest love, maybe it makes me boring however that’s the way I am.

The thing is that it got me thinking about whether these people are the majority or minority of the single population. My money is on the majority, which really puts me in a rough spot, meaning that I will gladly have my heart-broken over and over again because I will not play a game that is about lying about your feelings.

Unfortunately it seems as we are living in a society where you get punished for loving earnest or at least you are considered uninteresting.

So, these ”hunters” and ”preys” are they a majority or minority, what do you think?

Love Ann