Let’s be honest, trust me.

It’s an extraordinarily hard feat to be completely honest with yourself and others. If you are like me and still would push forward with the incentive that you are an honest person I will not disagree with you. You see you can be an honest  person as a whole even f you are dishonest at times . For exmple, have you ever told a friend a shy lie because they are in a state of dissolve and could not possible handle the truth at that time? Well I know I have. I have also hidden my feelings from myself and others.Surely honesty is something to strive for, however pure honesty can be quite hurtfull so I wouldn’t say that its forbidden to, if not sugar coat things at least trim of the edges.

I also believe that withholding information is a form of dishonesty, mabye not as harsh but still dishonesty. I hate when people avoid talking about things because they know that the truth will hurt the other person and they don’t want to be dishonest. I all honesty: GROW A PAIR! To feel like a matter is not handled because you are avoiding it makes me fell like it’s my fault and that I’m worth ignoring,  it’s not and I’m not. I’m sick and tired of feeling ignored and unimportant just because you are scared, I doubt that I’ll break and I doubt that if I break that I’ll let you get even a wif of it. You see I’m dishonest too, in a way. I will never let you see my true feelings because I dont trust you.

That’s one of the big problems about the rather dishonest society we live in, the trust issues. If noone and nothing keeps their promises, if all pictures are photoshopped both in adds and in social media, if companies produces products that are created to break in a certain amount of time, how are we supposed to trust anything at all. I don’t, I hardly trust myself.

I suppose that is one of the strong reasons to why I’d rather be hurt by the truth than kept happy with a lie, I want to rebuild some form of trust.

I wish it was easier to trust, to be honest and just to be a decent humnabeing, however we can and should try.

Love Ann