Surrounded by beauty

With my last post on honesty, let’s unveil a truth that is somewhat embarrassing.

In my line of work and in my personal life I’m surrounded by an astounding amount of beauty, this is a very wide notion I know, let me explain.

I work with circus, well-trimmed strong and beautiful women and men work out and perform within the framework that is Circus Titan(if someone might have missed it, that is our contemporary circus based in Gothenburg, Sweden). I’m not only talking about attractive appearances here, most are also incredibly amazing and inspiring people. My coworkers are no exception, they are dream fulfilling, imaginative, hard-working and inspiring. I would also say that their outsides reflect that, they are beautiful, just breathtakingly beautiful and if I didn’t know them I wouldn’t dare to speak with them.

That’s my work life, in my personal life (the small part that is not interwoven with my work) my friends are circus performers, fire artists, illustrators, physicists, belly dancers and teachers all inspiring and giving people holding amazing beauty not only in their hearts but also in their smiles, the curve of their necks and sparkling eyes.

Surrounded with so fair people it’s hard not to feel like you are playing in the wrong league, that you somehow cheated to get there. I do feel out-of-place most of the time. It’s not that I’m a gruesomely looking person, I think I’m quite cute, or even that I want someone to comment on this post and tell me this or that. I just don’t feel up to the standards.

I wouldn’t trade friends or work for the world but I feel a bit like an outsider.

Have a beautiful day!

Love Ann