Challenge: I wish… Oh wait, NO, I don’t

I found this image when I was out surfing the web a couple of months ago, I saved it to my hard drive since it spoke to me at that moment in time. Now that I read through it again it still gives me goosebumps and a tingle in my nose, however more than anything I feel like telling a younger version of myself and other adolescence that I have something to say about each of those wishes imposed on young teenage girls all over the world.


Really think about it…

Each sentence is quoted and below is my reply or comment.

“I wish I was the kind of girl who could get a hundred likes on her facebook photos.”

– Honestly I’d rather sit down with a couple good friends when I’m feeling down, let them know that I’m in need of conformation and then listen to what they have to say. A like on facebook among friends sure that’s something but the digital conformation seeking will never help you see why you believe you need it.


“I wish I was the kind of girl who got comments like, “stunning!”, “beautiful!” or “gorgeous!” on her photos.”

– Open your eyes my dear you probably are, I know I am and it really has nothing to do with outer beauty it has to do with the shine of your inner self thar you let out by smiling and letting your friend see even deeper into your soul. That is what is stunning, beautiful and gorgeous.


“I wish I was the kind of girl who could wear a bikini and be proud of my body.”

– I am damn proud of my body. It helps me do amazing things, Thanks to my body, I can discover books, I can draw and write, amazing things and I can travel experience new places adventures and people. The work that I have put into my body comes out as strength flexibility and endurance. I am proud of my body and everything that it has pulled through!


I wish I was the kind of girl that guys stare at, the people look at and say, “damn she’s beautiful.”

– Do you really? Is that really all you want to be to other people would you not rather have someone say: she is so much fun I can’t wait to see her again! or I can’t belive what an amazing converser she is! You see I’d rather spend time with people who find me astoundingly beautiful due to my intelligence, humour and personality, I really wish you would see the worth in that too.


“I wish I was the kind of girl that other girls want to be.”

– Don’t wish it, just be it. Be a strong role model for young girls, take charge of your life, dare to dream an fulfill your dreams. Go on adventures, trust yourself and be loving and caring. Then you will be a person that other will want to be not only girls but women and men alike.


“I wish I was the kind of girl who doesn’t need any make up to feel beautiful.”

– Well start by taking a good look in the mirror and understand that it really is you that make your outside beautiful and not the other way around, that your smile light up your eyes and make them shimmer, that your words and laughter is what make people remember you and that no amount of make up in the world could ever cover up an ugly personality. Find the things about you face that you like. The tone of your skin, the shape of your eye, the curve of your lips, the shade of your iris, the bow of your eyebrows or the whole shape of your face. If you start appreciating one thing the rest will follow and you will realise that you are beautiful with or without make up.


“I wish I was the kind of girl could roll out of bed in the morning, take a photo and still look gorgeous.”

– The blush of the newly awakened face lit up by the smile of the one you love is fiercely beautiful. Who needs that photo? When it comes to photos that has much more to do with lighting and camera angle than the beauty of the one in front of the lens, be a beautiful person and not an object without depth.


“I wish I was the kind of girl that could look good in anything, and know it.”

– I’d rather know what looks really awkward on me so I can tweak it and use it for masquerades and the likes. By practicing you can learn what suits you and why look good in everything would that not take half the fun out of it?


“I wish I was the kind of girl that people could call beautiful.”

– Be a beautiful person, a shining intellect, a charming laughter. Decide that you are not an object, that to be beautiful is to be a beautiful person and not to be an object to be admired!


“They tell you to be yourself, but it’s just so hard when you don’t even love yourself. They tell you to be happy with who you are, but how can you, when everyone else around you is so much better?”

– That is why you have to start with loving yourself, being amazed about the wonderful things your body and mind can do, being thankful for all that you’ve been given and acknowledge all you have accomplished. Really get to know yourself from a new point of view, try to embrace your so-called flaws and make them your very own, see if they can give you an upper hand. Find out all the great traits that are yours and honestly trust in that everyone is flawed no one is perfect and do not compare yourself to anyone else than you!


To break these sentences down and arguing has been really empowering for me, if you are one of those girls that would agree with the quotes, I challenge you to do the same. Pretend that one of your best friends or a sister are saying this. What would you tell them?

Break the social image that young girls only quality is to be a beautiful object to look at!


Lots of love