Epic Adventure

Who am I?

A question that shouldn’t be too hard to answer by the age of twenty-four, I guess. To me it is nearly impossible. I don’t have much grasp of who I am or where I want to be in my life, all I really know is that I need to learn how to enjoy the moment more, stop harrasing myself about might have and might bes. Some would say that I’m in all my right not to be certain of these things by twenty-four but then again I have never really felt like my own age, no matter if 7 or 24. I have so high expectations of my self, I really want to make a difference, to mean something, to be special, but then again don’t we all? Apparently not all of us can be something out of the ordinary, so when is it time to take a step back and accept the fact that you are one of the masses? Does that time ever come or are we cursed to ever strive for greatness and ever fail? All these quite complicated questions deriving from three little words… Who am I?
It’s heart breaking to just accept that I’ll never be SOMEONE, never really make a difference. Sure we all impact our direct surroundings and each of us are important, we change the lifes of friends, family, students and aquaintances and that is not to be scoffed at! It’s just that I personally have always expected more and different. Most of the time my life is something out of the ordinary, I am priveliged enough to work in a very creative field and with amazing collegues not to speak of the undying support I have from my family. I am just a girl when it comes down to it, a very sensitive one at that and my life has been far from easy. I guess I’m still a dreamer waiting for the opportunity of that epic adventure that will change everything and the funny thing is who knows, it might already have begun without me noticing.
Love your adventure