A kind girls reward

The reward of being a really kind and self sacrificing person, is the same reward as you get for loving with all of your heart and then some, it’s the same reward that is given to you for being a typical good girl, the reward is none. No one respects you for being kind hearted and loving, no one looks up to you for being kind hearted and loving, you will be taken for granted and forgotten by being kind hearted and loving. They say good girls go to heaven well I don’t believe in that and no matter I would like to enjoy life.

I don’t want to resent myself for being kind and I would never want to wake up and realise that I’m an unkind person but there has to be a line somewhere. I don’t what to be taken for granted and I want to be apreciated. I wouldn’t mind some love thrown in there as well.

I know a kind heart in itself is a reward but sometimes enough is just enough.

Love with all your kind hearts but make sure that you put your own needs first

Love /Ann