To forget or not to forget, that is the question

Often I hold sadness in my heart. Sadness for a lost childhood, for the self hatred I’ve lived through, sadness for lost opportunities and forgotten dreams. I harbour much pain because I’m unwilling to let it go, I’m scared of what would become of me if I was simply what I seem, just a happy, kind young woman. Would I loose my depth and uniqueness if I let go of my pain and past? Or would the release of those chains turn me into something I could not recognize? We all carry our baggage, some of us are great at letting go and use our experiences to strive for greatness others, like me, get impaled by the fear of the unexpected.


As I said often I hold sadness in my heart for all the cruelty and suffering this world harbors, however just as scared I am of letting it all go I sometimes forget that fear. When I forget I soar. When I forget myself, I float. When all fear goes away, the beauty of this world unravels before my eyes. I enjoy each color around me, every smile I met each day and the amazing thing that is my life. I would like to forget every day, but then again would I appreciate it all as completely as I do now?

Live, love and enjoy, what else can we do than trying to make each new moment more than the last one

Love Ann