A little bit of writing

The tears I weep, my soul so hollow. The longing, the yearn I can’t escape. My soul on fire, my heart in ashes. The searing pain going through my veins. My eyes gazing on a world that seems empty, dead, meaningless. The world without colour, without warmth and life. No rainbows lingering in the sky, long it’s been since the sun touched my flesh. One might wonder, and I do, what’s the point a dreary existence such as this? Many years have passed since the sun left, taking the vibrance of life with it. Not many recall what once was or when we all lost it. I remember it as if it was yesterday.

“Wake up, it’s the most beautiful sunrise I’ve ever seen!”

She looked down at me the way only she could. Smiling with her hair all ruffled and hardly dressed. Always when she smiled her blue eyes glittered the way I envisioned the clear summer sky would look if you could see the stars spread over it. Her smile burst into a laugh as she bent over and started to drag me out of bed. I don’t think it took more than a couple of minutes for her to get me out of bed to see the sun rise. However that whole day seems like years to me and that sunrise I’ll always remember as the first sunrise I’ve ever seen.

She took me out behind the little house where we lived. We never got around to fixing up the back garden and I am happy that we didn’t. It was like our little patch of unspoiled soil, where rocks, trees and at least a couple of different bushes coexisted with wild flowers and what others called weeds. She pulled me up on our favorite rock barely large enough for the both of us. We stood on top of that rock and gazed upon the most amazing sunrise I would ever see.

The colours ranging from a pale yellow like her hair in the sunlight to a vibrant orange reminding me of the smell of orange blossoms and a rich vivid red like the depths of a rose. The early summer morning smelled of dew, dirt and wet grass. Then there was the sounds, back then there were no such thing as silence, there was always something. The whisperings of the wind, the song of the bird and the breaths that filled her lungs and sustained her.

That sunrise was beautiful, that morning was beautiful, that world was beautiful, she was beautiful.

As we stepped down from the rock to get in and start the day with some coffee, she grabbed hold of my arm and made me stop. I turned around to look in to her shining eyes. As I looked at her the smile in her eyes first faded and then it fell from her lips. She took a step closer to me looking at her feet and fingering a patch of her worn T-shirt. As she looked up into my eyes and tears rolled down her cheeks she spoke with a clear voice.

” I am sorry, I’ll always love you, but I have to leave now and I doubt that we will ever meet again.”

That is how it starts and finding it again brought on a surge of creativity, this is the story I have to finish. I have to finish it because I need to know what’s going to happen.

Never lose faith, creativity comes and goes, never throw anything away because one day it might be just what you need.

Lots of love Ann