Replaceable, we are all replaceable, or are we?

In a throwaway society where everything is dispensable and you don’t have anything for the keeping. A place where craftmanship has been forgotten and nothing is allowed to take time. A world where nothing is made to last. How are we suppose to find safety, security, a home.

If all my possessions are replaceable does that make me replaceable aswell?

I’d say in some way I am, not because of that my things are replaceable, but because people are. Not always, but to be frank I am replaceable and so are you.

Let me break it down for you. I’m not saying that being replaceable is something bad, not at all, I’m just saying that people are more or less easily replaced. It can work as a drive, proving that you are near indispensable at your job. It soothes us to know that even if you can never find someone who is an exact replica of our best friend ten years ago you ca find a new best friend or a new romantic partner.

Realising that no one is really essential is key to daring to live your life without caring about the expectation of others. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it feels like you can’t breathe without that special someone or that you will die if you are left alone. None of this is true you will go on and you will grow stronger and more experienced each time.

We often say that we don’t know what we would do without that friend, a partner or our fantastic job, we would move on, first break, then heal and move on.  There is no denying that people change our lives that they make it more grand, gives it more color and makes the wind sing. That life wouldn’t be much without, them but people come and go.

Don’t misunderstand me, I’d do anything for the people who fills my heart. It’s just that life happen and you move on it’s not a bad thing it’s just life.



So as an employee I am replaceable, as a friend I am replaceable, as a partner I am replaceable, however as a human being I am indispensable.


Don’t forget you are essential!


Lots of love Ann