The dragon

This is a post I’ve been wanting to write for quite some time, however it’s a post that is hard to put words to, so I have feared losing the essence of it, still I need to write it.

Once upon a time I was a younger girl than I am today. A young girl fearing reality and the people who inhabited it. I found refuge in the stories told by great and not so great authors. The tales they told were so far from my reality and the opportunity to flee was grasped and has since then had a very special place in my heart. The adventures, the myths and creatures got a hold of me. I’ve been brought back to this dreary world and enjoyed it since then, the very first time reality was better than stories was when I was thirteen and my very first friend walked in to my life, a friend that has become as close to me as a sister and that I can not imagine my life without. She made a difference to me and was the very first to really do so, since then there has been several that has had a big or small impact on my life and even if they are all important to me, she was the first and the most essential. Even if I don’t know where I’d be without her today this post is not really about her.

Always longing for the adventures in the books I’ve read, always looking behind corners expecting to discover a goblin or brownie, I’ve collected the one thing symbolising everything I love about the books I’ve read. Wisdom, strength, adventure, myth, good, evil, magic, life and shadow. Since I was thirteen years old I’ve collected dragons, dreaming of dragons, wishing for dragons and never ever really expecting to fall upon one. The last year I’ve had the privilege of a song written to me, about a girl walking her ever treaded road where she has been looking for that dragon and now have found it, and I’ve had my name and dream figuring in a book just as amazing as the dreams that has been accompanying me each and every night. Even if these two things are more than anyone could ever dream of I have the privilege of something much more,  than that.

Three years ago I met a man just a fling I thought then, but he would prove to be so much more. One of my closest friends, the one to stand my ups and downs, the one to lure a smile out of tears and to see the sadness behind my smiles. A friend so important to me that he measures up to she who at thirteen turned my life around. Someone who has not only showed me the ever-present adventure and allowed me to take part of an amazing world I did not know existed, but someone who has shown me wisdom, strength, great adventure, myth, good, evil, magic, life and shadow, not only within the world but within myself.

Some days I wake up knowing that there is no use looking for them anymore, this because I know I’ve already found one and I might never find one again. A real living dragon, my very own or at least one I have the joy of knowing, respecting and loving very much.

Appreciate the dragons in your life.

Lots of Love / Ann