You are loved

You are important. It is as simple as that. People love you,  some of them you know of, others you don’t. There are people who look up to you, that gives you the responsibility to be the best you can be. You are an inspiration to others, maybe even because of things you don’t even find particularly challenging or special about you. Do you have kids, grandchildren,  friends with kids? Then you have the opportunity to be someones hero,  without even trying very hard. There are people around you that would feel lost without you in their life, those who hardly know who they are without you.


You are loved and love multiplies. That’s an amazing thing, if you respect yourself and others, if you dare to fill yourself to the brim with love, you will notice a difference.  I can promise that you’ll get hurt,  that you’ll question the point of giving with all of your heart that you will wish for selfishness.  However when you open up your heart it becomes easier to breathe, when you share a smile with a stranger your day grows brighter. When you put in that extra mile for someone or something else than yourself you do make the world a better place. Just by reading this post you make a difference to me. You are loved and you are important, never forget to cherish that blessing.

All my love / Ann