Hopeful spring

Spring, it is an amazing time of year. Everyone seems happier, more easygoing and the world smells beautifully. I love spring, I love the way that the first rays of sunshine feels on my skin and I adore the smell of freshly cut grass. I don’t particularly mind that the couples come out of hiding to show their love to the world, I don’t enjoy it but  I can’t say that I’m strongly against it.

The days seem longer and the nights brighter, the beer tastes sweeter and I don’t mind being alone as much. I think the soft caress of the warm breeze and the suns kisses helps me not to feel so untouched, I believe the smiles of strangers makes me feel less lonely and maybe, just maybe this summer it’s my turn to meet someone who I am meant to be with. With spring comes hope, hope is a lovely feeling.

All my love and my hope/ Ann