The sum of all parts

I read this amazing poem that gave me shivers and set a smile on my face.


It also made me think. I am definitely one of those who define myself by everything I am not, however when I start to define myself by these things that I am I see myself as a more complex being. Someone filled with experience and joy and that is really who I am and I can see that, at least on my good days I see it. I firmly believe in beauty and love and try to see it in each and everyone in my life.

I love to be the things this poem tells me I am. I love to be The Wise Mans Fear by Patrick Rothfuss, The Hobbit by Tolkien and The Dragon Hunters Daugther (Drakjägarens flicka) by Jakkin Wiss. I love to Brighton, Gothenburg, Grums and all the other places I’ve visited throughout my life and I love to be my home, which is not a place but a state of mind. I love to be love, joy and beauty, the things I believe in. If I am the future I dream of I am something extraordinary.

I am made up by all that beauty and so are you never forget that you are more than the sum of all your parts.

All my love / Ann