Thank you for the carousel.

Three years ago I had no idea what was coming. No idea that my life would be turned upside down and inside out. No idea that everything, and I mean every single thing, would change drastically.  I had recently found out that I had been elected as the chair for one of the files in our student union and therefore decided to take a year-long break from my studies. Me and my friends went to this party and then the carousel began. During the following three years I’ve faced challenges I never dreamed of, adventures I didn’t dare to imagine and I’ve had childhood dreams come true. I’ve gained extraordinary friends that I would never have met otherwise and I am richer at heart and stronger today than I was 2011. I didn’t  intended to go to that party, I was tired and not really in the mood, but I went and I am so happy that I did.

The reason to why I am in this place in my life right now is sitting across from me as I’m writing. I am thankful for each day even if these years has had their ups and downs they’ve been full, rich, adventurous and unexpected. They haven’t changed who I am but they have changed the way I look upon the world, life and the people who has touched me through the years.

Three years ago I was studying to be a kindergarten teacher, this summer I am entering the stage for the first time in about ten years. This year I dare to try new things and stick to them even if I fail at first. Today I don’t question whether or not the people who are a part of my life actually like me or not, because if they didn’t then I wouldn’t hear from them. I no longer doubt that the huge amount of love I hold for all of you is a good thing. I’ve had time to come to terms with my vulnerability, how easily I hurt and the beauty of it.

It’s quite amazing how one small decision can change your entire world!


Allow unexpected things to change your life.

Lots of Love/Ann