Honest contemplation

I think about my weight loss a lot and how it has affected me. How I’ve changed and why I used to feel so strong when today I feel so vulnerable.
This is a little poem about that.


I recall the thickness of my skin
I still feel the overbearing weight of my body
Back then no one could touch me
I was brilliant, strong and safe
I bore that massive shell, like an armor
To protect me from all your mean words
As I lost my armor I forgot what it was like
To be brilliant,  strong and safe
I never knew I could be those things
Without a wall distancing me from you
Slowly I learned
That there is no requirement for shelter
If you let the beauty of the world touch you
To choose a smile over vicious ignorance
And always let your heart shine.
I have lost my protection against this world
Today I live in it with you and not beside it.

All my love to you sweet, sweet people out there / Ann