At least in this very moment, life is perfect.

It’s strange I don’t feel any emptiness. I don’t feel like I could do better or that I could be better to be enough. I feel extremely good about myself.
This summer has been a remedy for many of my weak spots. Don’t misunderstand me I still have all the same insecurities it’s just that their hold on me have weakened. I don’t feel a need for someone else to fill my life to make it full, I have an amazing life, with great friends, colleges and adventures. Sure, I have written before of how I miss being in love and yes, I do but I don’t crave it it’s just that sweet sensation when you recall how things used to be.
I’m a little bit scared to write this, because I might wreak it, but I think I’m actually happy.  I feel that all my relationships that’s been burning my energy and made me anxious has been taken cared of. I think that all my untouched issues has been unravelled and solved now. I feel so strong, safe and thoroughly amazing.        At least in this very moment, life is perfect.      Lying alone in a caravan listening to the wind, good friends in their caravans around me,  work in the morning and life on hold back home. With new adventures unfolding and opportunities glistening at the horizon I have hope that this year, my 25th on earth, might just be the best one I’ve lived through yet.
Feel each moment
All my love / Ann