You know what’s sexy?



I’m getting really sick of all these pictures going up on facebook and instagram where the writer proclaims what is sexy.

Eventhough the ones I get in my feed are the sane ones, you know the ones telling you to be    strong,    independent,    kind,    thoughtfull,  confident,    smart,    reliable,    have a sense of humor   and all that jazz. Even if they are positive statements, focusing on inner qualities and not even necessarily qualities that are labeled as female qualities (we all know these are directed at women). I still feel stressed out to be so much more.

Even if in these frames we are told to not care what other people think, because that’s sexy, these are still someone elses idea of sexyness that is filling my feed, my head and makes me feel less. Less because how am I ever suppose to know if I’m enough of all of these qualities as long as they are defined by someone else? I would hardly know if I was enough if I defined both the requirements and amounts.

I’m just sick of that we always have to focus on being pleasing to others instead of just finding balance within ourselves.

Fuck it, who wants to be sexy anyway, give me my sweat pants and ice cream.


Do you know what’s sexy?

Fuck if I do!


All my love to you / Ann