This darkness wears me down

In these dark times, the time of cozy evenings with tea and lit candles I miss having a significant other. In all honesty I envy my friends in relationships and seeing them together in couples sometimes hurt. I am happy for them, don’t get me wrong, I just wish I could find that special someone. 🙂

Here’s a poem for your time

I’m so tired
I’m tired
I am so tired of this void in my life
The void you were supposed to fill
The void you said you weren’t able to fill
even though you wanted to
Some years down the line it’s still empty
For some time I kept it reserved for you
But you never wanted that space
And so I don’t dare to let anyone in anymore
I’m scared they will be like you
That I will be strung along and lost
Or worse
That I wont be able to love anyone as I loved you
That you were my last chance
and we met each other just out of step
I hope to meet someone like you again some day
Someone that will make me feel the way you used to
Invincible, beautiful and special
I’m not sure I ever will,
but maybe, just maybe,
there is someone waiting for me just around the bend.

All my love my sweet darlings/Ann