Dear Santa

Dear Santa it’s a long time since I last wrote you so I guess this letter is much overdue. The last time I wrote you I wished to lose weight, gain friends and for my parents to be proud of me, that’s more than ten years ago. This year there is no need for me to wish for friends, for help controlling my weight or for my parents to feel this or that way about me and as you know I never really felt that I need more  than I already have. My life has changed a whole lot since I was a teenager as most lives does and should.

Surely what I on a grand scale wish for is that every child has a safe childhood and an opportunity to be imaginative and play childish games far as long as they can. We are all made to grow up so much faster these days. Surely I wish that there was clean water for all to cook in, drink and wash themselves with. Surely I wish there was no wars that hurt innocent people. Surely I wish no one had to live in fear of abuse or death. Surely I wish everyone could spend the holidays with the ones they love and for once relax without the stress of bills hanging over them.

There is so much I wish for when it comes to humanity as a whole and so little I can do, but that’s it I can do a little. So dear Santa, if I help with what ever little I can, will you also help so that children can be children and will not starve or die due to dirty water and war? Will you help me so that mothers and fathers doesn’t have to fear for their own and their children’s lives? Will you help me putting the love back in people’s hearts so that they show how much their loved ones mean to them before it’s too late? Will you all help me so that there can be a little “Christmas” in everyone’s heart?

Dear Santa I’ve done my best to try to be a good girl these ten plus years and I’ll be the first to admit that I haven’t always succeeded. Even if these wishes above are very big I would ike to add some specifically for me to the list. I wish for love in all my loved ones lives, all the hugs they can handle and a small shoulder dragon for me.


All my love dear Santa, may your Christmas will be merry and white.