Allow me to love you

Allow me to love you,
just for a while.
Let me in to you life
and let my heart swell
with the warmth I carry.
Allow me
to shower you with affection.
I know it might frighten you
and sometimes make no sense.
You see as much as it terrifies you
it will pass,
it always does,
but be patient.
Just for a little while
Let me take up that space,
let me show you
my aboundance of love.
Let me fall in love with you,
heartbreakingly and completely.
Allow the impossible
and don’t worry
about the consequences.
I’m not even asking
for you to love me back,
there is no need,
because this is all temporary.
My love for you
will eventually touch your soul
and you will see things differently.
Don’t missunderstand,
you won’t see me in a new light,
this is not manipulation.
Love breeds love.
Allow me to love you
and you will find
the one your heart desire,
you will see her
clearly and completely,
fall or realise you fell long ago.
You will love one another
and I will move on.
Move on to find someone new
to shower with my love.
Someone to love heartbreakingly
and blindly,
for a while.
Even as I walk on
I keep each love in my heart
and as love breeds love
I have a never ending supply.

All my love /Ann