So am a human being (not completely undisputed) of the female kind. I have lived for soon to be 23 years and have since a while back decided not to grow up, sometimes I say that I shall die before I end up being a boring grown-up with no adventures left to live (I hope to die of extremely old age).

My wiring is just as off as it seems ^^These are the facts we all tend to start with when we introduce ourselves (except in person then we tend to start with a Hello, my name is… and my occupations is… (really boring). To be frank my life up until now have not been very exiting, I lived my first 18 years in a small town close to a paper industry and sawmill (where most of my family now works) where, if I hadn’t moved I would probably be working now. However I did move to study in one of the largest cities in Sweden, study to be kindergarten teacher (as you see still n
I broke it of with my boyfriend in the beginning of that third year and changed my whole social network. I joined a student union association which works pro bono with engaging students in social networking outside the university (or we just organized pubs). I met a lot of new people and had a lot of fun and you could say that’s where the adventure started to slowly creep up on me…o amazing adventures). I started my education and went through three years of it before I finally understood that it would probably make me mad.

If I were you guys I would be asking what adventure? I mean how much of

an adventure is it to meet new people and go to some parties? Not much but if I hadn’t then I wouldn’t have had the job that I had from July 1st 2011 to June 30 2012 and I wouldn’t have met my adventure. For the last year I have been working in one of the three largest student unions in Sweden where I daily have been working for the rights of students. I have gained a great amount of experience and in a way it’s been a very peaceful adventure, never the less that is not the adventure that got everything  turned askew.

May 5th 2011, that’s where it began. A small thing really I went to an annual competition which I didn’t intend to and I had a few beers more than I first intended to… and I met my adventure. I know that this sounds like a love story, it could have been, but it isn’t . I’m not going to argue that there have been both feelings and sex involved however that is not what this is about. I met someone who showed me how colorful the world really is if you allow it to be.

I met a real artist.

If you thought that my adventures would be falling of high cliffs and swimming with dangerous animals I’m not going to say you got it wrong there is some of that in here to however it is mainly about the great adventure that life can be if you allow yourself to do the things you really love even if it’s really frightening…

And by the way my name is Ann.