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Circus Titan – Beauty and Madness

I might just have the best job and coworkers in the world! I’m yet again home sick and my mind is blanking so nothing to say but I have some art for you!… Continue reading

Giving up

To give up on something is a rather scary business. However sometimes you have to make the choice to give up on something to make room for something else in your life. Even… Continue reading


Our whole lives are made up by choices. You chose what direction you take in your life. This all sound very good and ideal, however it’s not as simple as it seems. In… Continue reading

Trying something new

I had some time to pass… Using some photographs as references I felt like creating something more in the direction of comics… And since I really miss my friends shows I made this… Continue reading


Since it is almost time for me to leave Hastings and I strongly hope that nothing will happen to me the few day I have left, I thought it might be fun to… Continue reading

Circus Princess

In ten days I’ leaving for Sweden. I’ll be back home and everything will be back to normal, right? Wrong. When I come back home all I really know for sure is that… Continue reading

Female beauty

Back again with some female beauty. It’s not that I’m bored at the moment, no not at all. However here’s some beauty for you.     Yes, I am counting the days until… Continue reading


This is also me^^ Rather fun to be working with the black and white spectra. This is more my element and I’m starting to figure this out.


Clown in Art Rage I did this one with the oil brush tool. Not really used to working with oil not virtual and not in reality. I quite like her dreaming eyes otherwise… Continue reading