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At least in this very moment, life is perfect.

It’s strange I don’t feel any emptiness. I don’t feel like I could do better or that I could be better to be enough. I feel extremely good about myself.   This summer… Continue reading

Circus Titan – Beauty and Madness

I might just have the best job and coworkers in the world! I’m yet again home sick and my mind is blanking so nothing to say but I have some art for you!… Continue reading

Circus Titan

As some of you might know I work with a contemporary circus. It’s a fantastic job and I have loads of fun. At the moment we have an idea about some material in… Continue reading

Trying something new

I had some time to pass… Using some photographs as references I felt like creating something more in the direction of comics… And since I really miss my friends shows I made this… Continue reading

Circus Princess

In ten days I’ leaving for Sweden. I’ll be back home and everything will be back to normal, right? Wrong. When I come back home all I really know for sure is that… Continue reading