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This one is overdue

Long time no see, I’m posting a poem in the middle of the night, that I wrote a couple of months ago. Right now I’m working on a cruise ship in the baltic… Continue reading

To forget or not to forget, that is the question

Often I hold sadness in my heart. Sadness for a lost childhood, for the self hatred I’ve lived through, sadness for lost opportunities and forgotten dreams. I harbour much pain because I’m unwilling… Continue reading


I had the first flow of inspiration just now and had to share it with you guys! Lots of love Ann

Portfolio Challenge

A good friend of mine tiped me aboutr something awesome. Sophy, who herself is an amazing artist, blogged about this portfolio challenge she came across (you can find her post here). ┬áThe Portfolio… Continue reading

Female beauty

Back again with some female beauty. It’s not that I’m bored at the moment, no not at all. However here’s some beauty for you.     Yes, I am counting the days until… Continue reading