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At least in this very moment, life is perfect.

It’s strange I don’t feel any emptiness. I don’t feel like I could do better or that I could be better to be enough. I feel extremely good about myself.   This summer… Continue reading

The dragon

This is a post I’ve been wanting to write for quite some time, however it’s a post that is hard to put words to, so I have feared losing the essence of it,… Continue reading

Lips and eyes

I don’t have much to share today, no wisdom, no insight, I’m basically just sick of it all and burying myself in art. I tried somethng completely new today I hope you enjoy!… Continue reading

Circus Titan – Beauty and Madness

I might just have the best job and coworkers in the world! I’m yet again home sick and my mind is blanking so nothing to say but I have some art for you!… Continue reading

Some days…

Sometimes life completely sucks. And you feel like shit… It could be anything or nothing some days are just plain bad. Other times, other days, life is grand and colorful and we sort… Continue reading

Portfolio Challenge #2

We all have those days. Days when we question ourselves and the meaningfulness of our lives. The thing is that I’ve had that for quite some time now and it really bugs me.… Continue reading


Our whole lives are made up by choices. You chose what direction you take in your life. This all sound very good and ideal, however it’s not as simple as it seems. In… Continue reading

Some days

Some days I feel like crawling under a rock and hide till it ends… I don’t really feel like that today but I did yesterday and this is the product of that feeling.… Continue reading

Trying something new

I had some time to pass… Using some photographs as references I felt like creating something more in the direction of comics… And since I really miss my friends shows I made this… Continue reading


This is also me^^ Rather fun to be working with the black and white spectra. This is more my element and I’m starting to figure this out.