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Since it is almost time for me to leave Hastings and I strongly hope that nothing will happen to me the few day I have left, I thought it might be fun to… Continue reading


It’s good that I’m going home soon not so much because I haven’t had alot of fun or learned tons during the months here in Hastings. More due to the dreams I’ve had… Continue reading

Pirate Day

So yesterday was Pirate Day here in Hastings… I was really fun and we broke the world record! ┬áMost pirates in one place, we ended up beating the old record with 6000 pirates,… Continue reading

More than Half way

So today is the 17th of July and its less than a month left of work in Hastings. Its the 33rd day on location and there is only 25 days left before I… Continue reading

First Departure

The first group has left Hastings now. It felt strange, some kind of mixture between relief and emptiness with a touch of sadness. These kids have been here for three weeks and in… Continue reading


There is always an oppotunity around the corner, an adventure to expreience, big or small as it might be. The other day when we were waiting for the students taxis there was this… Continue reading

Laughing the key to life

There is probably more to do now than its been during the past week compiled. However we are having crazy amounts of fun. The laughing starts about when we leave the kids and… Continue reading

Hastings by night, morning, day oh, I don’t know.

Our office building.   So 10 days in I have yet to over sleep or fall on my face. There is a lot of work to be done however we’ve gotten a lot… Continue reading

Finally there

Before leaving the airport and Gothenburg   So, now I have arrived and settled in, except for the exhausting 5 and a half hour that I spent getting here with the plane and… Continue reading


There is not much time left now. I really should have begun packing or at least make a list of what I should bring but I have been postponing it because, well I… Continue reading