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Jelousy and insecurity

If you would have asked me three years ago I would not have considered myself of a jelous nature howerver today I feel rather insedure about how I wauld have answered that question.… Continue reading

Allow me to love you

Allow me to love you, just for a while. Let me in to you life and let my heart swell with the warmth I carry. Allow me to shower you with affection. I… Continue reading

This one is overdue

Long time no see, I’m posting a poem in the middle of the night, that I wrote a couple of months ago. Right now I’m working on a cruise ship in the baltic… Continue reading

A new year, a different year, an amazing adventure

Why does it have to be so hard to know for sure, to be completely certain of what I want and be in tune with my emotions? So difficult to find clear answers… Continue reading

Dear Santa

Dear Santa it’s a long time since I last wrote you so I guess this letter is much overdue. The last time I wrote you I wished to lose weight, gain friends and… Continue reading

Looking for glue…

They say that which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.  I’m very much alive and right now I don’t feel strong at all. I feel empty, holow and very, very lonely. There’s so… Continue reading

Sorry about the sad eyes

Guess what,  today was not the greatest of days nor has November been the best of months.  Lots of good things have happend and adventures keeps spreading out infront of me, however the… Continue reading

This darkness wears me down

In these dark times, the time of cozy evenings with tea and lit candles I miss having a significant other. In all honesty I envy my friends in relationships and seeing them together… Continue reading

A list, this time for me

As you well know by now I have some serious ups and downs I try to see the bright side of everything but sometimes I just can’t manage. Some days, no matter how… Continue reading

You know what’s sexy?

RANT WARNING!   I’m getting really sick of all these pictures going up on facebook and instagram where the writer proclaims what is sexy. Eventhough the ones I get in my feed are… Continue reading