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The messy reflections at the end of summer

The time has come to part with what’s been my home this summer and no matter how much I long for my apartment, my heart is breaking to leave all this behind. This… Continue reading

I admit

It’s time, yes time for me to admit something that profoundly goes against many of my beliefs. I am a little bit bitter from time to time. No matter how happy I am… Continue reading

No more, no less

I’ll never be more than I am, for some it’s enough for others a waste of time. I’ll never be extrarordinary or make you speachless. I’m not a head turner or someone you… Continue reading

My Bliss

The bliss of having friends. Friends who listen and friends who feel comfortable enough to tell you all their troubles. Friends who care, are always there for you and that you would do… Continue reading

To forget or not to forget, that is the question

Often I hold sadness in my heart. Sadness for a lost childhood, for the self hatred I’ve lived through, sadness for lost opportunities and forgotten dreams. I harbour much pain because I’m unwilling… Continue reading

A kind girls reward

The reward of being a really kind and self sacrificing person, is the same reward as you get for loving with all of your heart and then some, it’s the same reward that… Continue reading

Time is short

I could love you until my heart burst, it would make no difference. ‘Cause you see, no matter how special, beautiful, facinating, amazing or wonderous snowflakes are, you can’t catch them and hold… Continue reading

Epic Adventure

Who am I? A question that shouldn’t be too hard to answer by the age of twenty-four, I guess. To me it is nearly impossible. I don’t have much grasp of who I… Continue reading

Wake up!

So when you realise how much your mood is affecting those closest to you, you have to try to change something, that is if your mood is not awesome.¬†When I feel bad about… Continue reading

Surrounded by beauty

With my last post on honesty, let’s unveil a truth that is somewhat embarrassing. In my line of work and in my personal life I’m surrounded by an astounding amount of beauty, this… Continue reading